TEDx Sydney (2010) : Ideas Worth Spreading

Aquabat Explores Extreme Environments. Global Hydrotherapy.

Sarah Jane Pell


Sarah Jane is an artist-researcher inspired by the creative potentials of extreme environments, making use of undersea conditions to carry out human performance and behaviour studies and poetic events. She uses various interdisciplinary tools and protocols, from dance and performance technology to live art and commercial diving, to further our understanding of humans in these spaces. She explores connections between the "neoaquatic" human endeavours and the emergence of the 21st century "lunarsapien". Dr. Pell is an official aquanaut/artist/researcher crew member of "The League of New Worlds' ATLANTICA 1 Expedition".


  • "Aquabatics creates the possibility for comprehending the liquid realm and our efforts within it." @sarahjanepell @TEDxSydney
  • "So much contemporary scientific research – most prominently climate and space science – ‘mitigates against’ or ‘counter measures’ aspects of the extreme environment. My work approaches the challenges as an evolutionary process." @sarahjanepell @aquabatics #TEDxSydney
  • "I have a wish: to develop real and virtual studio technologies and choreographies for artists to lead advanced human exploration underwater as one part of an adaptive strategy for the future survival of our species." @aquabatics #TEDxSydney
  • This talk was given at TEDxSydney 2010

    TEDxSydney 2010 was organised by General Thinking and took place on Saturday 22 May 2010 at CarriageWorks. Almost 2,000 people enjoyed the day live, over 700 in the theatre and the rest via big screen simulcast in The Forum. Thousands more watched the lives webstream. It was a grand day. See https://tedxsydney.com

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