StudioLab Workshops

Experiment, play, explore, build, and envision with art, space, technology, cinema and aquatic performance

  • Finding Your Brain In Amniotic Fluid, 2007 The beginning of a metaphysic observation collaboration Behdad Rezazadeh and Dr. Sarah Jane Pell
  • Atlantica Expeditions
  • Interdepend - Pell & Coutts, Pacific Commercial Divers Workshop 2005
  • Lifeboat Project
  • Interdepend - Pell & Coutts, Pacific Commercial Divers Workshop 2005

Embracing Interdisciplinary, International and Intercultural StudioLab Workshops to find excellence in critical discourse and collaboration.

BtS 2023 Promo

BtS 2023, Kumbor MN
Breaking the Surface, Int. Field Robotics Underwater, Kumbor, Montenegro Sep 24 - 30 2023.

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Sensilab Creative AI Prato Promo

Co-creative AI workshop 2023, Prato IT
SensiLab invitation-only interdisciplinary AI Workshop, 26-30 June 2023

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Prato RiA 2023 promo

Research [in] Action workshop 2023, Prato IT
SensiLab Workshop, Monash University Prato Campus, 5-7 July 2023

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Planetary Mattering, Ars Electronica 2023

Planetary Mattering, 2023 Linz AS
More-than-Planet Workshop, Ars Electronica Post City. 5-6 Sep 2023.

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GHOU Conference Nepal 2019 Promo

GHOU Conference 2019, Pokhara NP
Global Hands On Universe, 7-9 Mar 2019

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Deck of Cards Proposition Annick Bureaud 2019 Leonardo Olats Salon: SPACE ART, SCIENCE AND CULTURE OF SOME VISIONS IN/FOR THE 21ST CENTURY 2019

Space Art Science 21st Century 2019, Paris FR
Leonardo Olats Workshop, 19-20 Mar 2019

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biennal sur 2019

BienalSUR 2019, Buenos Aires AR
Muntref Centro de Arte y Ciencia, 13-16 Aug 2019

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Sarah Pell on Mars VSSEC

VSSEC Mars Simulation 2014
Victorian Space Science Education Centre to workshop a sci-fi film discoving ancient riverbed on Mars.

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TPS_NOMAD, Djurite (Mt. Arapilies) AU 2016

Slithering, Djurite (Mt. Arapilies) AU 2016
Workshop by Sarah Jane Pell on cinematic world building to provoke the future stories we inhabit.

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ISU-SH Space Analogue Workshop, AU 2019
Teams building models of mixed analogue habitats and mission scenarios using DeBono's Thinking Hats.

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Gravity Well- Sarah Jane Pell - Photo Lucy McRae

Gravity Well: Underwater Play, AU/FR 2013
A game with underwater robotic play objects we call “explorer fish” to encourage aquabatic movements.

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EVA SIM Broadcast Pell SSP13 ISU SH

ISU-SH EVA Simulation Workshop, AU 2013
Trainee astronauts simulate an ISS payload repair in an analogue neutral buoyancy facility.

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Balletlab Dancer Underwater Workshop

iFloat iFall iFeel, AU 2013-15
Adapting human experience underwater: Exertion Games Lab, BalletLab & Melbourne Media Lab.

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Biotechnology and Art Workshop, Sarah Jane Pell 2006 SymbioticA UWA Photo Jennifer Willett

SymbioticA, AU 2003-6
Biotechnology and Art practices including Bio-Engineering and Tissue Culture Workshops for Artists.

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SubCulture promo

SubCulture: Liminal Biosphere, AU/UK 2005-2011
Long-duration live art/life-science habitat performance laboratory experience underwater.

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5Di Science of Fiction USC 2013 Poster

The Science of Fiction, US 2013
5Di/USCB Live World Building Workshop to create narrative solutions for a changing media landscape.

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