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Conference Licencee/Curator/Host

[1] Pell, S.J., Thys, T. (2020) Tektite2020: Women of Sea and Space 50th Anniversary of the first all-women subsea habitat crew Tektite II. 50 Speakers + Original Crew. Online 17-18 Jul.

Speaker Profile

Keynote Speaker

[18] Pell, S.J. (2021) Our Space On Earth: How We Make the Universe Our Own Through Arts and Science Media Cosm 2021, Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow RU. 24-25 Sep.
[17] Pell, S.J. (2021) Art Science Collaborations Field Trip Symposium 2021, ArtsFront, ANAT, USC, Horizon Festival, Sunshine Coast AU. 25 Sep.
[16] Pell, S.J. (2019) Space Analogue Missions 2nd National Space Meet #NSM2019, Godawari Sadak, Pātan, Central Development Region, NP. 20-21 Jul.
[15] Pell, S.J. (2018) Smart Arts in Space, Future Space Keynote, _Southstart 2018, and Projection Mapping Installation Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide AU. 22-23 Nov.
[14] Pell, S.J. (2018) The Artist, Astronaut, and Avatar in Space Exploration. 2018 ACM Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play (CHI PLAY ’18), Melbourne AU. 30 Oct.
[13] Pell, S.J. (2018) Spatial Performance Environment Command Transmission Realities for Astronauts (SPECTRA) 13th eResearch Australasia Conference, Melbourne AU. 17 Oct.
[12] Pell, S.J. (2018) Bodies in Space SPECTRA: Art and Science 2018, MOD + University of South Australia, Adelaide AU 10-12 Oct 2018
[11] Pell, S.J. (2017) The Agency of Human Robotic Lunatics, Robotronica Keynote, AU, Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point, AU. 20 Aug.
[10] Pell, S.J. (2017) Dangerous Ideas II: Chroma Keynote Creative State Summit, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne AU 29-30 Jun.
[9] Pell, S.J. (2017) Humanity 2.0 Upgraded, Glimpses 2017, Red Bull High Performance Team event, Malibu, US. 10 Jun.
[8] Pell, S.J. (2016) Star Sailors (Marinero Estelar) Kosmica: International festival for earth-bound space art design, Cosmovitral, Tolouca, MX. 4-15 Oct.
[7] Pell, S.J. (2016) Hyperbody: new space for new relations Inspirational Keynote, Sarah Jane Pell & Gillian Ferrabee Heroes: Coinnovation Festival Maratea, IT. 21-23 Sep.
[6] Pell, S.J. (2015) 10th Anniversary AMP Amplify Festival Keynote: "After Everest: remapping human possibility through art and science” AMP Amplify Festival Sydney, 5 Jun
[5] Pell, S.J. (2013) Blue is the new black – from Blue Sky Thinking to Black Sky Tinkering: Space Arts. Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress, Dallas TX, 16 Aug 2013
[4] Pell, S.J. (2013) Sense and Sensibility in Underwater Life 20000 Leagues Under the Lakes: From the Vassena’s Submersible to Space, Lake Como Verena IT. 27 Jun.
[3] Pell, S.J. (2013) Aquabatics: a novel approach to oceanic performance OPB13 Oceanic Performance Biennale: Perform_Pacific_Ecology ISLE&, Auckland NZ. 22-24 Nov.
[2] Pell, S.J. (2013) It is all a matter of Depth, sg2013 Symposium, Constructing for Uncertainty, 10th Anniversary SmartGeometry Conference, The Bartlett, London, UK 20 April 2013.
[1] Pell, S.J. (2013) Living Water – water living: bodies and ocean architectures Future Cities 2.0 Other Worlds, University of Greenwich, Maritime Campus, London UK, 11 April 2013.

TED Talks/ TEDx Talks/ TED World Theatre

[8] Sandlel, M. and 20 TED Fellows (2019) The ethics of Bioengineering TED World Theatre, New York US. 4 Jun.
[7] Pell, S.J. (2016) Imagineering Literally Out Of This World TEDxMelbourne, TED Adventure Series, Melbourne AU. 7 Aug.
[6] Pell, S.J. (2015) How do you keep the dream alive, when things become very real? TEDxMelbourne, Melbourne AU, 7 Sep.
[5] Pell, S.J. (2014) Flow, TED Speaker Series, State Street Corporation, Sydney AU. 7 Feb.
[4] Pell, S.J. (2013) Towards an Australian Space Arts Policy TEDxRockhampton, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton AU. 7 Jun.
[3] Pell, S.J. (2012) Every space project needs an artist TEDxISU – inaugural TEDxevent hosted by ISU, NASA KSC & FIT, Melbourne US. 6 Jul.
[2] Pell, S.J. (2010) Aquabat explores Extreme Environments. Global Hydrotherapy. TEDxSydney, Carriageworks Theatre, Sydney AU. 22 May.
[1] Pell, S.J. (2010) What the world needs now is to return to the Ocean TED2010 Conference, Long Beach, US. 22 Feb.

Panel Presenter

[32] Pell, S.J. (2022) Aquabatics and #WaterHCI ACM SIGCHI International Conference of Human-Computer Interaction (CHI'22), New Orleans US. 30 Apr-5 May.
[33] Horner, J., Pell, S.J., Andreacchio, A.(2022) Future Shock: Humanity X Technology _SouthStart, Adelaide AU. 9-11 Mar.
[32] Vignelles, A., Moore, A., Held, J., Terrier, D., Crumlin, P., Bland, P., Tran, T., Pell, S.J. (2021) Space Beyond _SouthStart, Adelaide AU. 11-13 May.
[31] Koumi, L., Van Nedervelde, P., Gorman, A., Scott, C., Pell, S.J., Tran, V.(2020) MVA Payload Project: the overview effect! Moon Village Association, AU. 29 Oct.
[30] Pell, S.J., Chiesa, C., Dwa, M. (2020) Insights from Women in Space, Space4Women Webinar, Nepal Space Research Association (NESRA), Kathmandu NP. 5 Jun.
[29] Zabel, P. Rieder, M., Pell, S.J., Waclavicek, R. (2019) #Extreme #Habitat #Naturen Symposium Architektonisches Entwerfen mit EuG Entwerfen & Gebäudelehre DE. 10 Dec.
[28] Barqué-Duran, A., Pell, S.J., Dublon, G., Spačal, S., Ray LC (2019), Future Humanity, Future Innovators Summit (FIS), Art Thinking School, Ars Electronica, Linz AS, 4-8 Sep.
[27] Barqué-Duran, A., Pell, S.J., Dublon, G., Vieyro, F.L., Faivovich, G., Goldberg, N., Celeste, A. (2019) Forum de Arte y Espacio, BIENALSUR, C3 Beunos Aires, AR. 13-14 Aug.
[26] Foing, B., Pell, S.J., Turšič, M., Gracie, A., et al. (2019) Space Art, Science and Culture: Of Some Visions in/for the 21st Century, Leonardo/Olats Workshop Paris, FR. 23-24 Mar.
[25] Pell, S.J., Biggs, J. (2019) New technologies for extreme performance and art in space, Global Hands On Universe Conference, Tribhuvan University, Prithivi Narayan, NP. 7-9 Mar.
[24] Henriques, I., Thompson, N., O'Reilly, Z., Pell S.J. (2018) Technostitches: Robots/Communications Quite Frankly: it’s a Monster Conference, UWA, Crawley AU. 19 Oct.
[23] Pell, S.J. Austin, S., Mitchell, N. (2018) Bodies in Space SPECTRA: Art and Science, Mercury Cinema with Australian Network for Art and Technology, AU. 12 Oct 2018
[22] Ishii, H., Welch, C., Hörtner, H., Dahlstrom, E., Nahum, Turšič, M., Liu, X., Tanaka, Y., Pell S.J. (2018) Space Art – Trial and Error in Art & Science Ars Electroncia, Linz AS. 9 Sep.
[21] Harger, H., de Monchaux, N., Stott, N., Sachs, T., Pell S.J., (2018) Beyond the Cradle: Envisioning a New Space Age, MIT Media Lab, Boston US. 10 Mar.
[20] Ishii, H., Ou, J., Sauter, J., Sommerer, C., Yamanaka, S., Pell, S.J., Leithinger, D., Ochai Y. (2017) Art Science: From Vision to Practice Ars Electroncia, Linz AS. 10 Sep.
[19] Boehme, J., Pell, S.J., Williams, M., Price, S., Baby Guerilla (2017) Dangerous Ideas Panel Creative State Summit, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne AU 29-30 Jun.
[18] Simondson, H., Pell, S.J., Kane, L., Rosman, G., Miles, D. (2017) STEAMing Ahead: Women in SciTech Women of the World Festival, FCAC, Footscray AU, 25 Mar.
[17] Palmisano, C., De Wit, J., Montanari, C., Pell, S.J., Parrotto, G., Postiglione, A., De Nadai, P. (2016) H Factor Keynote Panel, Heroes: Coinnovation Festival Maratea, IT. 21-23 Sep.
[16] Stott, N., Pettit, D., Pell, S.J., Riemuller, J., McPhee J. (2016) The Art of Science Communication PoSSUM Keynote Panel, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U., Daytona Beach US. 5 Apr.
[15] Gorman, A., Brimblecombe-Fox, K., Pell, S.J., Richards J. (2016) Space and Popular Culture ISU-SHSSP Public Keynote Panel, UniSA Theatre, Adelaide, AU. 4 Feb.
[14] Sudmali, D., Boston, H., de Callet Burgess T., Ord D., Pell, S.J. (2015) Shark Tank: Arts Funding NEAF National Experimental Arts Forum, Art Gallery of WA, Perth AU. 30 Nov-3 Dec.
[13] Mc Rae, J., Pell, S.J., Jung-Harada, C. (2015) Open Source Tech in Ocean, Space, Climate Change Hong Kong MakerBay, HK. 30 Oct.
[12] Castelli, R., de Kerckhove, D., Pell, S.J., Fujihata, M, la Frenais, R. (2013) DIY Space travel/Global Art/Spatial Reps 17th Microwave New Media, Hong Kong University, ROC 2-23 Nov.
[11] Pell, S.J. Doughtery, K., Imhof, B, Kaye, Z, Vermuelen, A, (2013). Art(ist)s in Space Panel, ISEA2013 International Symposium of Electronic Arts, University of Sydney, AU. 7-13 Jun.
[10] Pell, S.J., Wallworth, L., Fraser, J., Campbell, B. (2013) Experimental practice? Australia Council National Experimental Arts Forum, Sydney AU. 5-6 May.
[9] Richards, R., Dalrymple, D., Pell, S.J., Tseliakhovich, D., Kargieman, E. (2010) To Boldly Stay, NASA Ames-SU Conference, NASA ARC, Moffett Field MS-20 US. 23 Aug.
[8] Pell, S.J., Chan, H.R., (2010) Biological Enhancement Space Technologies (B.E.S.T) NASA Ames/ SU Conference, NASA Ames Research Park, Moffett Field MS-20 US.
[7] Pell, S.J., De Clario, D., Orr, J., Wise, K., (2008) Performance Panel, 2008 Woman in Research Project, Faculty of Art and Design, Caulfield, Australia, Monash University
[6] Pilling, J., Jay Shih, C., Summerhayes, C., Pell, S.J., Leon, L., Drew, M., Nelson, J., Fulham, C. (2007) Comics V's New Media Media Infinity, An Interplay of Fast & Frozen Permutations in New Media Forum, TNUA National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei TW. 28 May - 30 May.
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[1] Pell, S.J., Zurr, I, Helyer, N., Catts, O., (2004) Lifeboat: Artists and Scientists in Collaboration, ISEA2004 International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Cinema Kosmos, Tallin, ES

Prepared Lecture/ Invited Guest Speaker

[32] Pell, S.J. (2020) Featured Artist: Tektite 2020: 50th Anniversary of the first all-women subsea habitat crew Field Trip Symposium 2020, ArtFront, Horizon Festival, online AU. 8 Aug.
[31] Pell, S.J. (2020) Utilising Australia’s unique geography to develop space analogue facilities CSIRO Space Technology Future Science Platform event, Adelaide AU. 20 Feb.
[30] Pell, S.J. (2019) Pressure Perfect Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Planning, University of Kassel, DE. 10 Dec.
[29] Pell, S.J. (2019) F.L.G: Fortitude, Leadership and Generosity, Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Flinders Lane Gallery, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne. AU 8 Dec.
[28] Pell, S.J. (2019) Space Café u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, Future Festival of the Next Generation, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz AS. 7 Sep.
[27] Pell, S.J. (2019) Apollo and the Muses: Inspirational knowledge embedded in Literature, Sciences and the Arts, and the impact for future cultural Technologies. Space and Humanities Department - Core Lecture Program ISU SHSSP 2019, Mawsons Lake SA University of South Australia, 13 Jan - 14 Feb 2019
[26] Pell, S.J. (2019) 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Launch, Templestowe Heights Primary School, AU. 17 Jul.
[25] Pell, S.J. (2018) Immersive Art: Performing Astronautics, Virtual, Immersive Art, Gaming & Filmmaking Session #17, Real World VR, Melbourne AU Loop Project Space & Bar, 28 Nov.
[24] Pell, S.J. (2018) Preparing for Beyond the Cradle, SymbioticA: Biological Arts, 2018 Seminars, University of Western Australia AU, 2 March 2018
[23] Pell, S.J. (2017) From Sea, to Summit, to Space , LMCLP Graduation Address, Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program, Bendigo AU. 17 Nov.
[22] Pell, S.J. (2017) Art Meets Immersive Technologies, Immerse 2017: Mixed & Virtual Reality, Create Noosa, Peregian Springs AU. 11 Nov.
[21] Pell, S.J. (2017) Boomerang Luncheon, Australian Office Taipei [Embassy Keynote], Taipei TW ROC. 20 Oct.
[20] Pell, S.J. (2017) Art Salon Keynote: Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center Hall One, Taipei TW, 19-23 Oct.
[19] Pell, S.J. (2017) A Gender Diverse Space Workforce, WIA Women in Aerospace - Europe, 68th International Astronautical Congress Keynote Breakfast, Adelaide AU. 25 Sep.
[18] Pell, S.J. (2017) Art to Space / Space to Art, Space Association of Australia, SAA TV 2017, Caulfield, AU. 28 Aug.
[17b] Pell, S.J. (2017) Youth Outreach: QUT Tech Showcase, Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point, QLD AU. 19 Aug.
[17a] Pell, S.J. (2017) Youth Outreach: What I learned attending the Exp 52 ISS Launch, Morningside State School, Brisbane AU. 14 Aug.
[16] Pell, S.J. (2017) 2017 Creative Industries Faculty Seminar, QUT, Kelvin Grove, AU. 25 Jul.
[15] Pell, S.J. (2016) Gifted Citizen, Int. Festival of Brilliant Minds, la Ciudad de las Ideas, Puebla MX. 16-19 Nov.
[14] Pell, S.J. (2016) Kosmica: International festival for earth-bound space art design, Cosmovitral, Tolouca MX. 4-15 Oct.
[13] Pell, S.J. (2016) TodaysArt 2016, Art Astrospace MoonMars, International Festival Beyond Art, The Hague NL. 22-25 Sep.
[12] Pell, S.J. (2015) Understand your inner resourcefulness, DO Lectures, Paynes Hut, Yarra Glen AU. 20 Feb.
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[10] Pell, S.J. (2014) Women in Leadership, Engineers Australia Convention, EAC Women's Breakfast Forum, Melbourne AU. Nov 22.
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