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BIO 102 Suborbital: Aviation Survival & Egress Training EBD (ASET2)

Integrated Spaceflight Services in cooperation with Survival Systems USA, Groton US, 3-7 April 2017.

Spacecraft Egress, Sea Survival, Rescue Operations

Matt Harasymczuk (PL) Sarah Jane Pell (AU), Aaron Persad (CA) Brien Posey (US)

The first professional education course on the landing and post-landing phase of crewed spacecraft missions. The focus of this course is on the system engineering associated with the landing and post-landing phase of manned space missions. We dive into mission contingency analyses to understand and appreciate the variety of post-landing environments that might exist, the types of post-landing failures that can drive an emergency egress, and the evolution of egress procedures. It is immersive and practical with donning, dunking, ditching, bracing and waving. A Core Module of the Project PoSSUM Curriculum delivered by Dr. Jason Reimuller (following AST 101: Advanced PoSSUM Academy) and in support of Final Frontier Design bioastronautics research and creative research into Performing Astronautics.

Spaceflight-Specific Topics of Study: Spaceflight Egress and Rescue Operations

Planning for Nominal and Contingency Landings; Nominal Rescue Operations; Contingency Rescue Operations for Land Landing Spacecraft; International Program-Specific Agreements; Global SAR Response Resources supporting Contingency Landings; Contingency Rescue Operations for Water Landing Spacecraft; Pad Egress Failure Environments, Pad Egress Design and Operations; Early De-orbit scenarios; Post-Landing Contingencies; Egress Systems; Egress Procedures and Operations; Assessing Probabilities and Effects of Injuries and Deconditioning; Assessing the Effects of Deconditioning on Egress Operations; Incapacitation through Entrapment; Egress and Post-Landing Operations in the Age of Commercial Manned Spaceflight; Emergency Post-Landing Survival Kits, Medical Resources.

Fundamental Egress: Aviation Survival & Egress Training EBD (ASET2)

Safety and survival equipment utilization and deployment; Coping with physiological and psychological stress; Introduction of rescue devices and simulated rescues; Preparation for emergency landing situations in a spacecraft; Evacuation through an emergency exit from a spacecraft; Physics and physiology for use of compressed air; Preflight inspection, egress considerations, and clearing procedures using an Emergency Breathing Device (EBD) i.e. Pony Air Cylinder; Conducting an emergency egress on breath hold utilizing the Shallow Water Egress Trainer; Conducting an emergency egress with an EBD utilizing the Shallow Water Egress Trainer; Evacuation and escape training utilizing the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS™) with and without utilizing an EBD.

Sea Survival Skills: and Post-Landing Survivability Skills

Safety and survival equipment utilization and deployment; Introduction to hypothermia mitigation and sea survival; Personal rescue techniques and use of life rafts and signaling devices; Characteristics of personal flotation devices and aviation jackets; Life raft deployment/entry and simulated emergency scenarios; Introduction to individual and group sea surface formations; Introduction to search and rescue resources and equipment.


Thanks to Jason Reimuller, Chris Lundeen, Parker Rice, Nikolay Moiseev (Final Frontier Design), and the team at Survival Systems USA, CT: Maria Hanna, Russ Jones, James Grumling, Tracy Whitehead, Andrew Kelly, Steffan Uzzell.

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This research is part of the Performing Astronautics project assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

PoSSUM Applied Astronautics Program


Monday, 3-4 Apr 2017
Spaceflight Egress and Rescue Operations

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HUET ASET2 Sarah Jane Pell Survival Systems USA 2017 SUV Systems USA

Wednesday, 4-5 Apr 2017
Aviation Survival & Egress Training EBD (ASET2)

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Thursday, 6 Apr 2017
Sea Survival and Post-Landing Survivability Skills

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