Exploring human performance here, now and thereafter...

  • DaVinci Telerobotic Surgeon, Sarah Jane Pell 2010 Inituitive Surgical, Mountain View CA Photo Blair Goodman
  • Singularity University, Graduate Studies Program GSP10 Class of 2010
  • Biotechnology and Art Workshop, Sarah Jane Pell 2006 SymbioticA UWA Photo Jennifer Willett
  • International Diplomacy Workshop, SSP 2006, International Space University, Strasbourg FR Photo Fabio Sau
  • Life Sciences Workshop, Sarah Jane Pell, Tim Roediger and Shabnam Ozlati, SSP 2006, International Space University, Strasbourg FR Photo Ed Chester

Embracing Interdisciplinary, International and Intercultural graduate scholarship to find excellence in critical discourse and collaboration.

MDRS188 MIVP Artist-in-Residence Pell CAVE2

Bending Horizons 360°, 2018-2019
Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform MIVP Artist-in-Residence, Adj. Assoc. Professor (Research).

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ARC Discovery Announcement

Aquatic Interactivity, 2020-2023
ARC Discovery Project DP200102612. Principal Investigators: Prof. Floyd Mueller & A/Prof Sarah Pell.

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Sarah Jane Pell, Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University

Exertion Games Lab, AU 2012-2015
Visiting Research Fellow, RMIT University, Exertion Games Lab: playful interaction design and human computing in novel bodily interfaces, Melbourne AU.

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Arts Leader Program 2016 Promo

Arts Leader Program 2016-17
The Australia Council brings together leaders from across the country, artforms and career levels to inspire and enhance arts leadership in Australia.

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QUT Creative Industries Logo

QUT Creative Industries 2017, AU
Queensland University of Technology, Robotronica Artist-in-Residence & Ars Futures Lab .

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Monash University lunchtime Art Forums 2008 Poster Mary Callahan

Monash University, AU 2008
Monash University Faculty of Art Design & Architecture, Visiting Artist and Lunchtime Art Forum Speaker, ARC Woman in Research Project 2008

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NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field CA

Singularity University, US 2010
Singularity University creates leaders in exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s Grand Challenges at NASA Ames, Silicon Valley US.

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Virtual Motion Simulator VMS, Sarah Jane Pell, Dan Barry 2010 NASA Ames Research Centre Photo Julielynn Wong

Graduate Studies Program, GSP10
Tracks: Entrepreneurship, AI & robotics, nanotech, networks & computing, biotech & bioinfo, medical & neurosci, futures, policy, law & ethics, energy, space & phys sci. Team Project: To Boldly Stay (NASA)

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Space Team - Luna Gaia 2006 International Space University, Strasbourg Summer Session Program SSP06

Space Studies Program SSP06
Core curriculum: Space programs & enterprises, space science, engineering, systems engineering, space policy & law, business & management, and space & society. Team Project: Luna Gaia (NASA)

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Grand Visions workshop, Summer Session Program SSP06 International Space University 2006 Photo ISU

International Space University, FR 2006
The International Space University develops the future leaders of the world space community at its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France

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Biotechnology and Art Workshop, Sarah Jane Pell 2006 SymbioticA UWA Photo Jennifer Willett

UWA SymbioticA Lab, 2003-6
SymbioticA is the first research laboratory of its kind, enabling artists and researchers to engage in wet biology practices in a biological science department. Collaboration: LifeBoat Project (ISEA).

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Telematic Dress Project, Johannes Birringer, Michele Danjoux 2004 Nottingham Trent University DAP lab

Freedman Traveling Art Scholar, UK 2004
Reader: NRLA Archives, Live Art Unit, Nottingham Trent University; Live Art Development Agency Study Room, London; British Library Humanities One; London.

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Aquabatics as New Works of Live Art, 2005 PhD Cover

Aquabatics as New Works of Live Art 2005 (Award-winning PhD Thesis)
Philosophies and practices intersecting principals of live art and commercial diving to inspire Aquabatics: a new form of aquatic art and ocean awareness.

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