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Unique creative explorer striving to realise impactful ideas.

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell pursues new understandings of human performance in a direct and powerful way. She engages transdisciplinary teams and cultures, technologies and aesthetics to bring to life the wonder of human encounters through live performance, and immersive cinematic arts so that we may better adapt, evolve and connect to this extraordinary world.

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Today's Portfolio highlight Project Moonwalk is just one of Sarah Jane Pell's key projects that emphasize science, technology, and storytelling to better understand human culture and connection to some of Earth’s extreme environments, and our urge to explore beyond into the frontiers of space.

Learn about her recent projects, their impact and see the latest updates below.

The unfolding SeaSpace unity

MDRS188 MIVP Artist-in-Residence Pell CAVE2

Bending Horizons 360, 2018-2019
Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform MIVP Artist-in-Residence, Adj. Assoc. Professor (Research).

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Australia Council Fellow Sarah Jane Pell

Performing Astronautics, Earth 2016-2018
Australia Council Fellowship project, Experimental and Emerging Arts, AU. 2016-2018.

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LunAres Spectra Crew Promo

LunAres III, Pila PL 2018
LunAres Moon/Mars Research Station, 3rd Lunar Analogue Crew (SPECTRA), Pila PL 2018.

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MDRS Crew 188 Promo

MDRS 188, Hanksville US 2018
Mars Desert Research Station, Crew 188 (ISU), Hanksville Utah, US 2018.

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Sarah Jane Pell with Cinema Swarm Robotronica 2017

The Agency of Human-Robotic Lunatics, QUT AU 2017
Robotronica Festival Human-Robotic Keynote Performance with Cinema Swarm & Visitor.Vision.

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Exp 52 Launch Baikanor Cosmodrome 2017

Exp 52 ISS launch, Baikonur KZ 2017
Soyuz MS-05 rocket launches Expedition 52/53 Crew to ISS from Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan 2017.

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Moonwalk EVA 2016 SIM Astronaut Sarah Jane Pell Photo Alexis Rosenfeld

Project Moonwalk, Marseille FR 2016
Simulation Astronaut, Lunar EVA at European Undersea Analogue, Marseille, FR. May 2016.

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Project Possum astronaut candidate Sarah Jane Pell, 2016

Project PoSSUM, US 2016
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Suborbital Mission Operations, Daytona Beach, US. Mar 2016.

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We are all Explorer Fish Movie Promo

We are all Explorer Fish, AU/NO 2016
Meta.Morf 2016 Biennale of Art & Technology Tronheim, TEKS NO, 2016 Premiere at the Nova Cinema.

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Ocean Synapse 2014 by Pell and Burke

Ocean Synapse, Melbourne/Oakland AU/US 2014
A trans-hemisphere performance with Ben Burke on the Waterwheel platform for World Water Day.

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On Turbulence, Performance Research Promo

Performance Research, 2014
Volume 19, 2014 - Issue 5: On Turbulence, Aquabatics: a post-turbulent performance in water.

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Sarah Jane Pell, Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University

Exertion Games Lab, AU 2012-2015
Visiting Research Fellow, RMIT University, Exertion Games Lab, DesignHub, Melbourne AU.

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