Monash University (2018-2019) Clayton AU

Adjunct Associate Professor (Research)

Faculty of Engineering; Office of the Engineering Dean; Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture

Artist-in-Residence, Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform [MIVP]

For the term of my Monash University Appointment, I have collaborated with the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform [MIVP] and various remote partners including choreographer Richard Move, Lucy Electric LLC and Space Garden Company. MIVP have helped create tools for spatial awareness during simulated EVAs in terrestrial analogue sites, and post-processing large data transmission between global sites through the CAVE2 and the Monash Future Control Room. Together we designed tactical laboratories for experimental arts to support performance within extreme operational isolated confined environments. We seek to enrich and extract the human factors of extreme performance sites. Artefacts have included immersive media, mixed reality, human-robotic interaction design, and new systems for live art and translocation communication and interdisciplinary human performance research published in Live, and VR formats. Outcomes are real and speculative, poetic and practical with high technical cultural value and human factors benefits during and post-mission. Creating works of art, and design tactics for engaging space phenomena within a mission simulation increases opportunities for enabling discovery and legacy. As Principal Investigator, I employ performance-as-research and transdisciplinary practices to explore affective visualisation by interactions with new media dance technologies. These engagements support forums for reflexive analysis of our human ambitions, and our cultural assumptions about a human return to the Moon and budding extra-terrestrial culture. As Artist-in-Residence, I encourage transmedia interactivity and iterative performance investigations within and from MIVP. Barnes and I are trying to discover new tools for embodied immersive performance, and affective performance translation across and between sites. Artworks arising from our experiments symbolise our collective human-scale existence, our hopes, dreams, reflections and ambitions.

Top Tier Research & Publication Venues

Practical research highlights collaborating with Assoc. Prof. David G. Barnes and the Monash Immersive Visualisation Lab, Monash University, Clayton AU.

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre, AU 2019
Screening Artists: Video Art + Digital Media Programme 1-31 Dec 2019. Curator Sebastian Calabretto.

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Lunares Spectra RoM Promo

Human Spaceflight Performance, 2019 IAC Paper
70th International Astronautical Congress, Washington D.C. Global Technical Session and IAF-TV Livestream.

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MAU-Nepal 001 Promo

MAU-NEPAL 001, Kagbenni NP 2019
Immersive Visualisation of a Mars Medical Mission Simulation in Lower Mustang, NP Mar 2019.

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Rokoko Mo-Cap Integration 2018 Pell & Barnes

Alien Park, Clayton AU 2018-2019
Play and performance experiments to test motion-capture technology integration for space analogues.

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SouthStart 2018

SouthStart 2018, Adelaide AU
Keynote Speaker plus Projection Mapping the interior of the Adelaide Town Hall, 22-23 Nov 2018.

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CHI Play 2018 Promo

ACM SIGCHI (Keynote) CHI Play 2018, AU
Federation Square, Melbourne 28-31 Oct 2018

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eResearch Promo

eResearch Australasia (Keynote) 2018, AU
Pullman Melbourne, Albert Park 15–19 Oct 2018

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Spectra 2018

SPECTRA: art + science (Keynote) 2018, AU
MOD + UniSA, Adelaide 10-12 Oct 2018

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Pell Ars Electronica 2018 Lunar Parliament

Ars Electronica, Linz AS 2018
An mixed-presence performance 'Lunar Parliament' for Ars Electronica Festival Space Art Kosmica Parliament.

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Stellar Corpus, Pell, Barnes, Move & Waghorn 2018

Stellar Corpus, Clayton AU 2018
A cosmic mixed-presence performance at the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform live CAVE2.

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SPECTRA, Moon-Earth-Moon LunAres MIVP Pell, Barnes, Move 2018

SPECTRA, Moon-Earth-Moon 2018
SPECTRA [Spatial Performance Environment Command Transmission Realities for Astronauts].

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Moonhenge LiDAR Lunares III Pell, Barnes 2018

Moonhenge, Pila PL 2018
A 64 Billion Pixel LiDAR-1 Art Tableaux of the Lunares MoonMars Station in Moon-Earth-Moon transmission.

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Trolley Pell and Barnes MDRS188 2018

GreenHab, Utah US 2018
360 monitoring of MDRS ScienceDome & GreenHab NASAs Orbital Aquifer System for VEGGIE (OASYS).

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Rock Stars 2018 Pell & Barnes

Science Gallery Dublin, Ireland 2018
Virtual Reality of Mars Analogue Rock Art installation: Life at the Edges Exhibition. Curator: Ainsley Murray

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Mars Olympiad MDRS188 Pell, Barnes 2018

Cineglobe Festival, CERN CH 2018
MDRS188 Mars Olympiad 360 VR & 180Dome. Curators: Neal Heartman, Angelo Vermuelen

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Bubbles On Mars IAC-18-B3.GST-IP

Bubbles On Mars, 2018 IAC IP
69th International Astronautical Congress, Bremen DE. Interactive Presentation.

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Selected Publications

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