8th International Contemporary Art Exhibition (2014) Dresden, DE


SPARTNIC Weightless Artists Association

Artists: Aljosha, Steven Brower, Dimitri Dihovichnij, David Fried, Simone Heroymsans, Kirsten Johannsen, Claudia van Koolwijjh, Max Grüter, Pia Karaus, Kay Kaul, Martin Kleppe, Johannes Lenhard, Franziska Megert, Ekkehard Panek, Sarah Jane Pell, Melanie Richter, Malwina Steinhoff, Bruno Streich, Cristian Waldvogel. Curators: Max Grüter, Melanie Richter, Kay Kaul.


Pell explores human performance and expression during exploration. She notes that artistic documentation and artifacts are tokens of any experience, yet like talisman, they have the power to protect the passage of memory so much so that they can trigger a complete boldily recall of an event. While advanced technology platforms currently provide sophisticated forms of data imagining from extreme sites, the digital medium however cannot yet convey the embodiment of microgravity that frames the experience of spaceflight for example. The artist sees this an opportunity to address a challenges space. What form or movement could extend the manifest experience of spaceflight for those on Earth? A commercial diver in her own right, Pell typically uses human-aquatic interaction in a neutral buoyancy environment as a space analogue to explore the poetic and embodied understandings of fragile living systems dependent on finite life support. The artist positions herself as the experiment seeking to embody, and critique, the culture of exploration; with the hope of bringing herself closer, and closer towards the experience of profound discovery and connection with the natural world. Like parallels she experiences in commercial diving, she imagines astronauts return to Earth with a bodily memory of a microgravity sustained experience, and a unique sensorial awakening. Pell dreams of conditioning her mind and body for the future spaceflight, and by following the gestures and protocols of astronauts she wonders what her own natural instinct and interaction with such a mission would entail. First, she must learn to let go of her preconceptions… for we are all stardust.

Underwater Flying with Sarah Jane Pell Underwater Meditation with Sarah Jane Pell. Underwater Cylcing with Sarah Jane Pell.

OMNES SUMUS PULVERE STELLARUM: Sarah Jane Pell exploring the embodied weightlessness of microgravity 2014. SPARTNIC Weightless Artists Association MISSION'014.

The exhibition concept of ‘Mission 014’ by SPARTNIC takes place in a darkened room where the art work is distributed in a parcours. The separate stations are singularly illuminated and appear as stars or galaxies scattered in the darkened space. Images will be presented as translucents or as projections. Three Dimensional work requires a floating presentation. All works will be contained within the room where the walls are darkened so as not to visually contain the space. Through an ‘intelligent ‘ light control system the visitors movements appear to influence each ‘Art Galaxy’. The path through the exhibition should simulate a discovery voyage through space that the traveller can control him/herself. The Art pieces displayed at each station reveal distinctive different aspects of the following themes: realisation/experience, change, and the development or unfolding of life. Through the use of a QR-code more information can be acquired about each Art piece and Artist.

Ostrale Mission 014 Poster SPARTNIC Mission Patch

Poster: 8th International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dresden DE, 18 Ju - 29 Sep 2014. Official SPARTNIC Weightless Artists Association Mission Patch.

Zur Fortführung der Aktivitäten von Kunst und Raumfahrt haben Max Grüter, Melanie Richter und Kay Kaul die Künstlergruppe SPARTNIC /‚ Weightless Artists Association‘ gegründet. Mitglieder sind ausschließlich Bildende Künstler, die Mitgliedschaft erfolgt durch Berufung. Die‚ Weightless Artists Association‘ konzipiert die Präsentation und den Vertrieb von Editionen der bei SPARTNIC mitwirkenden Künstler. „Evolution durch Revolution; Entwicklung durch den menschlichen Drang zu Neuem und zu neuem Verständnis. Wir verstehen unsere Projekte stets als Aufforderung, Grenzen zu überwinden und Neues zu erkunden. Revolution als Veränderung, plötzlicher Wandel, Umbruch und Evolution als permanente Fortentwicklung sind zentrale Themen in Raumfahrt und Kunst.“ Kunst und Wissenschaft drängen mit der Eroberung neuer Sphären zur Erkenntnis und revolutionieren den All-Tag. Die Inspiration dieser Disziplinen und die Interaktion der beteiligten Künstler ist Gegenstand des Ausstellungsprojektes für die O14 in Dresden.

https://www.spartnic.com || http://www.ostrale.de

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