SPECTRA (2018) Lunares MoonMars Station, PL

SPECTRA [Spatial Performance Environment Command Transmission Realities for Astronauts]

Moon-Earth-Moon Performance Art Transmission

Sarah Jane Pell and David G. Barnes in collaboration with Monash University, Lunares, Creative and Technical Partners

SPECTRA [Spatial Performance Environment Command Transmission Realities for Astronauts] is an immersive visualisation and choreographic transfer project by Sarah Jane Pell and David G Barnes, with collaborators at Monash University (Australia a.k.a Earth) and Lunares MoonMars Station (Poland a.k.a. Moon) for the SPECTRA Lunar Analogue mission 2018. It begins with MOONHENGE: the successful transmission of a 64 Billion Pixel LiDAR-1 Art Tableaux of the Lunares MoonMars Station in Poland to the Monash Future Control Room, Melbourne and CAVE2 Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform, AU. Choreographer: Richard Move explores Moonhenge in CAVE2. Over 17-min, his in-situ head/hand movement is transmitted to Pell to follow his experience in VR. She learns a dance to perform on a spacewalk EVA. Monash CAVE2 to SPECTRA Mission: Live Performance Transmission successfully demonstrates the transfer of choreographic exploration and dance across otherworldy time and space.

SPECTRA [Spatial Performance Environment Command Transmission Realities for Astronauts] by Sarah Jane Pell, David G Barnes, Richard Move and MIVP. Moon-Earth-Moon Immersive Performance Transmission, Lunares SPECTRA Mission Poland 2018. All rights reserved.

Staring: SARAH JANE PELL (Moon), RICHARD MOVE (Earth). Production: David G Barnes, Owen Kaluza, Toan Nguyen, Andreas Hamacher, John Pollard, Daniel Waghorn, Sian Proctor, Andrea Radelescu, Jaden Hastings, Omar Samra, Mark Splittgerber, Robert Szyszko, Agata Kołodziejczyk, Matt Harasymczuk, Marcin Traple, Bogdan Jasiński, Leszek Orzechowski, Szymon Gryś and Ruth Bain. Co-produced by Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform [MIVP] and supported by Monash Art Design and Architecture [MADA]. Special thanks to enabling partners Lunares 3 SPECTRA Crew, Leica Geosystems LLC, Space Garden Company, Lucy Electric Company LLC and Practon Group.

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This work is part of the Performing Astronautics project assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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