Kosmorama International Film Festival (2016) Trondheim, NO

We are all Explorer Fish

Writer/Director/Producer/Staring Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

Co-commissioned by Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, Trondheim Biennale for Art and Technology 'Meta.Morf 2016 - Nice to be in orbit!

Gripped by an obsession for Earthly connection, Amulet the first human born in low Earth orbit, agrees to work as a sensing agent on the new Mars outpost. If she survives, others will follow and she will not be alone... This film is based on the short story of Amulet's life written by Sarah Jane Pell for the HandBook of the Unknowable 2016.

We are all Explorer Fish from Sarah Jane Pell on Vimeo

Staring: SARAH JANE PELL. Camera: SHAUN WILSON. Editor: JACQUI HOCKING. Digital artist: CHRIS BRAIBANT. Score: STEPHEN BISHOP and ROBIN HAYWOOD recorded live at Liquid Architecture Perth 2015, presented by TURA MUSIC and LIQUID ARCHITECTURE as part of the National Experimental Arts Forum hosted by SYMBIOTICA. Sound design: ALISTER MORLEY. Images NASA. Production assistants: SEAN ELLIOTT, DANIELLE WILDE. Writer/Director/Producer Dr. Sarah Jane Pell.


“We are all Explorer Fish” begins with Amulet inside Laputa: the Mars lander hovering over the moon Phobos in aerosynchronous orbit with the planet below. We see high ice clouds and gigantic dust storms as we approach the red rocky outpost. Amulet wears vibrio-facial gas-analyzers designed to detect environmental and bodily changes. During the descent, she dons on her protective helmet to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations .The hatch is opened during the warm air of the short Sol twilight: a fleeting opportunity of 12 minutes, 40 seconds between the extreme heat of the day (+35 degree C), and the freezing humidity of the night (-143 degree C).

As scientists and elders alike predicted, at night, when the Martian planet achieves 100% humidity, significant amounts of water vapor deposited in the core-sample holes left by the Mars Rover Curiosity in The Kimberley region on 2015. It is there that Amulet draws breathe from the sink wells through a filtered snorkel in an ancient riverbed. An instantaneous rush of pure Oxygen floods her body: a temporary “high”, before heavier toxic Carbon Dioxide floods her lungs. As the risk of ingesting indigenous Martian organisms becomes higher, and the cloud of hot rain within the impact crater starts to fall like a sky descending into a sea, she sees the ancient explorer fish come to life. Threatening her existence and the entire mission, she calls on her alter ego for help.

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World Premiere: KOSMORAMA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Tronheim Nova Cinema 12 Mar 2016;
Kino Cinema, TEKS Trondheim Art & Technology Biennale, NO 8 Mar - 10 May 2016.

Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, ZGAC Space Art Screening, Space Development Congress, MX June 2016.

Filmed on location at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, VSSEC Mars Simulation 2013.

Official Film Website http://www.explorerfishmovie.com #ExplorerFishMovie #Mars #Space #Art #SCiFi #Fish #Dreaming
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