Exploration, Adventure and Space Analogues/EVA Simulations.

  • TUCF ADAS Trainee Divers, Pell 2002 Fremantle WA Photo David Lee
  • TUCF ADAS Trainee Divers, Pell 2002 Logue Brook Dam WA. Photo David Lee
  • Atlantica Expeditions Scrubber Prototype 2010 Photo Dennis Chamberland
  • Mt Everest Expedition 2011
  • EVA Crew Rick Scheuring + Pascal Lee HMP-2006 Photo Nikki Wilkinson

The deep ocean is a truly alien world. It has the infinite vastness of outer space, but unlike space, it is heavily populated with life - and awaiting discovery. Then we venture beyond...

MAU-Nepal 001 Promo

MAU-NEPAL 001 2019
Mars Academy USA (MAU) 1st Mars Medical Mission reconnoitre Nepal, Lower Mustang NP 2019.

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MDRS Crew 188 Promo.

MDRS 188, US 2018
Mars Desert Research Station, Crew 188 (ISU), Hanksville Utah, US 2018.

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Team O2 Crew Promo.

Team O2, 2017
Taliska-Whiskey Atlantic Row Challenge, Unaided Atlantic Ocean Crossing ES-US 2017.

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Mt Everest Photographer Alfred Gregory

Bending Horizons, Mt. Everest Expedition, NEPAL 2015
Summit Mt. Everest in Spring 2015 making site-specific artistic responses at altitude for a 360-degree Documentary. I survive Gorkha earthquakes.

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Arctic Art Science Expedition Saeed Taji Farouky.

Arctic Eco Doco and Science Expedition 2010
A moon/mars simulation mission turned into an art science expedition that became an award-winning eco-art documentary by Saeed Taji Farouky shot aboard an ice-class tall ship 2011, 2012.

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Ariel view of the Haughton-Mars Project Research Station, Devon Is. Arctic.

Arctic Lunar Medical Contingency EVA Simulation, Houghton Mars Project 2006
Demonstration that an injured suited crewmember could be safely extracted from lunar EVA analogue terrain and transported to a remote site for care.

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Sarah Jane Pell Mt Arapelies

Rock Climbing Mt. Arapalies 1994 - 2000
Before diving, I found rock climbing one of the most natural, peaceful and perfectly challenging pursuits in life. There are so many incredible life lessons, friendships and skills to be learned on the rock.