Reimagining the practice of navigation beyond Earth's atmosphere

  • #FFD Spacesuits Sarah Jane Pell 2016
  • #SAMI Sarah Jane Pell 2016
  • #TEDxMelbourne2015 Sarah Jane Pell
  • #Adelphi Sarah Jane Pell 2014
  • #ProjectPossum Sarah Jane Pell 2016

Reviving expeditionary artist practice in modern astronautics, exploration and extreme performance sites from sea, to summit, to space.

Aquarius Reef Base, FL. 2018

Tektite, Florida Keys US 2020
Proposed 10-day all-women undersea exploration & research expedition, Aquarius Reef Base, FL. 2020.

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MAU-Nepal 001 Promo

MAU-NEPAL 001, Kagbenni NP 2019
Mars Academy USA (MAU) 1st Mars Medical Mission reconnoitre Nepal, Lower Mustang NP 2019.

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Australia Council Fellow Sarah Jane Pell

Performing Astronautics, Earth 2016-2018
Australia Council Fellowship project, Experimental and Emerging Arts, AU. 2016-2018.

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LunAres Spectra Crew Promo

LunAres III, Pila PL 2018
LunAres Moon/Mars Research Station, 3rd Lunar Analogue Crew (SPECTRA), Pila PL 2018.

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MDRS Crew 188 Promo

MDRS 188, Hanksville US 2018
Mars Desert Research Station, Crew 188 (ISU), Hanksville Utah, US 2018.

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Exp 52 Launch Baikanor Cosmodrome 2017

Exp 52 ISS launch, Baikonur KZ 2017
Soyuz MS-05 rocket launches Expedition 52/53 Crew to ISS from Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan 2017.

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HUET ASET2 Sarah Jane Pell Survival Systems USA 2017

Survival Systems USA, Groton US 2017
Aviation Survival & Egress Training EBD (ASET2), Spaceflight Egress and Sea Survival Apr 2017.

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FFD Spacesuit test flight Sarah Jane Pell 2016

Applied Astronautics, Boulder US 2016
Bioastronautics, Suborbital IVA Spacesuit Validation Test Flight, Boulder, CO. Aug 2016.

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Project Possum astronaut candidate Sarah Jane Pell, 2016

Project PoSSUM, Daytona Beach US 2016
Scientist-Astronaut (Artist-Astronaut), Suborbital Mission Operations, ERAU Florida, US. Mar 2016.

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Moonwalk EVA 2016 SIM Astronaut Sarah Jane Pell Photo Alexis Rosenfeld

Project Moonwalk, Marseille FR 2016
Simulation Astronaut, Lunar EVA at European Undersea Analogue, Marseille, FR. May 2016.

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EVA SIM Broadcast Pell SSP13 ISU SH

ISU EVA SIM, Adelaide AU 2013
Teams work to lead and support trainee astronauts to complete a challenging ISS payload repair simulation in a neutral buoyancy facility.

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Atlantica Expeditions Official Aquanaut Crew Dr. Sarah Jane Pell 2012

Atlantica Expeditions, Florida Keys US 2007-17
Undersea habitat expedition lead by Aquanaut Dennis Chamberland. Official Aquanaut crew.

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Neutral Buoyancy Test Facility, Sarah Jane Pell 2008 ALTEC Torino IT Photo Irene Schlact

ALTEC, Torino IT 2008
Professional Visit to the NBTF - surveying the neutral bouyancy facilities, mission support centre controls and human resources at ALTEC, Torino IT

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Neutral Buoyancy EVA Sim, Sarah Jane Pell 2010 NASA Ames Photo Fabio Teixeira

POOL EVA SIMS, Moffett Field US 2010
Co-leading with NASA Ames Dive Team and Astronaut Dan Barry EVA Simulation Workshops Underwater in ARC Campus Pool in Silicon Valley, US.

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Grand Visions workshop, Summer Session Program SSP06 International Space University 2006 Photo ISU

International Space University FR 2006
The International Space University develops the future leaders of the world space community at its Central Campus in Strasbourg, France

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