Dr Sarah Jane Pell

Dr. Pell literally explores, produces and performs from sea, to summit, to space to amplify discovery, generate curiosity and encourage awe. Her focus on human performance and expression in extreme environments contributes new media design, immersive visualisation such as VR and novel human performance knowledge in exploration contexts.

An accomplished artist, commercial diver and extreme performer, Sarah thrives in high-risk operational environments. She applies an adaptive aquatic approach to humanity's future challenges.


The work of Dr. Sarah Jane Pell has a strong international and interdisciplinary advocacy and inspirational focus. She is passionate about diversity, inclusion and trans-disciplinary approaches to exploration including civilian access to SeaSpace domains, arts-led and culturally-informed solutions to environmental custodianship, and symbiotic exponential technologies solving grand challenges. She gravitates to entrepreneurial partners and game-changing individuals intent on making a difference. Optimistic about the future, Sarah's visions are bold, innovative and disruptive.

Vision for the Future

Pell aims to contribute new knowledge on human behaviours, biosensory media and communication design for extreme performance, and responsible ecological adaptation. Here are some of her visions for reaching these goals:
➢ Permanent undersea crews dedicated to ecological arts and science solutions
➢ Training and design of a toolkit for an artist in space orbital perspective residency
➢ Implementation of an internationally ratified SeaSpace Arts and Culture Policy
➢ Design for commercial spaceflight and underwater creative immersive experiences

Projects in Development

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell has dedicated her life to the arts and promoting trans-disciplinary approaches to exploration. Learn about her latest projects.